Waiting Room Creatures

In an interesting point in time, when the patience of the whole world is being tested, with a pandemic, quarantine, wear this and do that guidelines, I happened to bump into this journal entry from 2013 and it made me smile. I stand corrected. I believe there is no better place on earth to testContinue reading “Waiting Room Creatures”

When Joy is Not Dependent on Happy

We all go through low valleys and high mountains in different stages of our lives. Traveling the high mountains, where the sun is bright and the air is crisp and clean, usually means we are in the happy times, highlighted by successes and accomplishments. Traveling the low valleys, dark and damp, usually means we areContinue reading “When Joy is Not Dependent on Happy”


As the mother of three beautiful children I can honestly and freely say I love each one of them, their uniqueness and personalities, the same. They’re each cuddled up in their own special corner in my heart. My youngest, diagnosed with autism at age 3, is no different to me than the other two, myContinue reading “THE DAY I GOT A HEART TATTOO ❤”

Why do it? Why not?

Hello my name is Carmen and I’m embarking on a writing adventure. I don’t know what’s ahead, but that’s ok. I packed some of my experiences to tell, a lot of enthusiasm and some fun. Here’s the thing: I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a writer, an artist, a bookkeeper,Continue reading “Why do it? Why not?”