It all began on a beautiful weekend morning…

My logic tells me to first post about the Monday through Friday coffee pot, the French press; but love is not logical. Weekends now have an added reason why I just can’t wait for each one to come around!

Bialetti Moka Express Coffee Pot

The Bialetti moka pot was intimidating. My first attempt some time ago was an epic fail. The second time it was ever used was recently, soon after my son became our coffee making boss. That second attempt was another epic fail. But this time, my coffee partner and I decided to figure out what went wrong and learned.

Among the reasons for the past fails was fine pre-ground coffee. Bustelo is a good coffee brand. I have used it for stove top brewing for years. It yields a good and strong cup of coffee. But when my son and I used it and tried to drink our first brew made in the moka pot, we were unpleasantly surprised. He said, mom, this is like trying to drink motor oil. My laughter exploded out of me. We shared our failure and we laughed heartily about it.

Delicious coffee.

We ordered a package of Bustelo whole beans because not available around here. By the time the following weekend rolled around, our order had arrived and we were ready and eager to try again.

In the meantime, we did watch a couple of pros make coffee in the moka pot and followed what they did. Here is the video,

 The result was so amazing…wait…my emotions are getting the best of me now. *Breathe* *Phew* Ok. I’m good now. The memories of that first sip from the moka pot rushed into my mind at overwhelming speed.

We had an unbelievable cup of espresso each in the comfort of our own home. Well, I believe I don’t ever need to get on another roller coaster ride ever again! A cup of Bustelo espresso made with freshly ground coffee beans in the comfort of my home, in the company of my coffee barista, who has the most interesting inquisitive mind about life, is all the thrill I need.

Although summer months coming and amusement parks about to open. I might just have to ride at least one to make sure.

Bonus, we just got gifted a two-pound bag of Bustelo whole coffee beans by a dear friend, further encouraging our coffee obsession. Thanks, dear friend! My son and I feel the coffee love.

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