Based on observing my coffee making hero, my son.

My son is a physics student and loves math. What that means to coffee making: he is precise, meticulous, and loves to make adjustments to test and improve.

We do have photos of him when he was little with goggles on. 😁

It is possible he achieves the best results because he approaches coffee making like a lab experiment. He weighs the amount of coffee beans he will use. He has specific grinding settings for each the French press and the moka pot. He also considers the roast in the amount, grind setting and brewing time.

At some point I will have to write all these things down. He keeps all the notes in his head. Just how in the world did I birth this coffee making Einstein?

Heihox hand coffee grinder, I bought on Amazon.

We first had a coffee grinder that had a ceramic burr, but this one with the stainless steel is the best! He tried an electric one but did not like it because it did not allow him control of the exact desired grind. Such a nerd! 😊

I will not do a product review here or even a step-by-step how-to description. There are countless posts and videos that do that very well. All I want to contribute is this: it’s awesome! And I love it! And you should get it. If you want to.

Here’s a good review on it.

I would add that my son uses a toothbrush to brush any left over grind off the burr at the end of each use before storing away. And he does achieve a good fine grind for espresso on weekends by setting it at anywhere between 6 and 9.

Happy coffee making!

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