Exhaust Yourself

It’s Worth It

When something involves a lot of work to the point of exhaustion, long hours of preparation, stretching of the mind to what else and how else you can go about making someone’s day special, the best reward is seeing the face full of expectation and the smiles and exhilaration.

I spent hours on a cake and on artwork to add some decor for a celebration only we would enjoy in our home, no guests, just us and our special birthday boy. My husband went out of his way and found some good creative gifts. At 1:30 a.m. I was tempted to just roll over with the rest of the gift wrap over me and just go to sleep on the floor. But I got up and dragged my body up the stairs to bed. That was painful.

No matter, my son’s face was lit. He enjoyed. He smiled. He inhaled his piece of cake (I wish he would not do that). He played a new game his sister sent him. And he is looking forward to enjoying all his other presents, outside in the warmer months I really hope we are going to get. Mission accomplished, not one sleepless minute wasted here.

I asked my son to help me color the bottom word. He hates coloring.

A sacrifice is not made so that you can receive a thank you, because then you have been rewarded here in the now. A sacrifice is made so that it reverberates through time and it is a layer upon which you will give a little more of you again and again each time, in the future, with more occasions to come. The stripping effect of your selfishness for the sake of selflessness will reap a harvest in due time, the fruit of which will probably not feed you but others. Happy birthday special boy! Sweet dreams…

Love on!

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Just a typical human thriving in the hostile land of life, having some fun and learning something new every single day. So I'm just gonna write and hope I can entertain you at least a little.

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